The H Overflow anime could have its official and completely legal dubbing

The H Overflow anime could have its official and completely legal dubbing

The popular anime H Overflow-Iretara Ofureru Kyoudai no Kimochi It has been a hot topic and quite wide due to the controversy surrounding it over dubbing (fandub) made by fan group Pianotaku Entertainmentwhere already the platform coolmic is taking action on the matter by requesting that the contents be deleted and reiterating the legal warnings that it entails.

Now the topic about this anime H is getting more interesting, since the platform Anime Onegai surprisingly, the official dubbing into Latin Spanish of this series could come true.

Overflow H

The H Overflow anime could have its official and completely legal dubbing

In a live broadcast published on January 12 by the platform Anime Onegai in your section “Gossip Thursday” on his official channel Youtubehighlighted their opinions regarding the dubbing of the anime H Overflow.

Where they first expressed that they were planning to legally dub the series, but that they no longer considered it appropriate to do so because the controversial had already been carried out. fandub of Pianotaku Entertainmentinterpreting this discarded project.

But the next day, Anime Onegai I communicate by answering a tweet to the portal EroEroNews regarding the issue of no longer dubbing. In which they announced that he is not 100% canceled the project, certainly giving the possibility that dubbing can be done if there is enough interest from the fans.

Additionally adding that it would not only bring the dubbing of Overflow, but also other similar renowned titles for Latin America.


Thanks to the magnitude of comments from fans, who want to be able to see dubbed officially and legally Overflowthe platform Anime Onegai is again considering making this tempting project a reality.

This while it is being clarified that they have nothing to do with the fandub made by the group Pianotaku Entertainment. This confirmed in a comment, responding to an article on the news portal Hologram Television On twitter.


Only time will tell if the dubbing is finally officially given the green light, where we now enter a new arc on this popular anime H that has been a topic of conversation for a long time due to the controversy with the fandub of the group Pianotaku Entertainment.

It should be noted that the platform coolmic owns the international distribution rights for the anime, whose headquarters are not in Japan. Which allows them to show uncensored scenes without having problems with Japanese law.

Voice Cast:

  • Tomoe Tamiyasu as Ayane Shirakawa
  • Mitsu Anzu as Kotone Shirakawa
  • Sadai Tsukuda as Kazushi Sudo

-Staff Members:

  • Rei Ishikura in charge of directing the anime under the studio hokiboshi.
  • eeyo kurosaki in charge of the script.
  • Yoshihiro Watanabe (Haganai, Heaven’s Lost Property) is in charge of character designs.
  • kazuya kuroda (Princess Resurrection, Vandread), Kakuto Gai (Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujō: Osananajimi wa Shōbōshi) and Hisashi Nakamoto (Super Lovers) They are the main animation directors.


the doujinshi Overflow is written and illustrated by Kaiduka, began its publication online in July 2017 and has 3 published volumes in total. In addition, on January 6, 2020, the doujinshi Overflow premiered its adaptation to the anime H, which consisted of a total of 8 OVAs of 7 minutes in length, and was produced by the animation studio «Studio Hokiboshi«.

It began its weekly broadcast on the streaming service ComicFestanamed as “Comic Festival Anime» (currently known as AnimeFesta) and on the Japanese TV channel «Tokyo MX«

Synopsis for Overflow – Iretara Ofureru Kyoudai no Kimochi:

Kazushi Sudou is a university student who receives a visit from his two childhood friends, the sisters Ayane and Kotone Shirakawa. When Ayane finds out that Kazushi not only forgot to buy her pudding, but that she is also using her special lotion in the bath, she decides to take revenge on her and join Kazushi in her bath along with Kotone. Will the perverted Kazushi be able to remain indifferent to both?

© かいづか/Suiseisha Inc.

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