The host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Lili Estefan, was hospitalized due to an accident in the snow – El Diario NY

The host of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Lili Estefan, was hospitalized due to an accident in the snow – El Diario NY

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Lili Estefan worried his fans, after telling in “The fat and the skinny” who during her vacation experienced a terrible accident that took her to the hospital after having an accident in the snow. “First time in 30 years that I fell on the mountain,” said the host of the famous Univision program. “I ended up in the hospital having an X-ray done to make sure I hadn’t broken my left hip.”

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The conversation in the program was held with Clarissa Molinawith whom she spoke about how quickly people found out about this and that apparently after falling from the mountain, Lili was transported on a stretcher and many people who were in the place began to send messages to the Dominican alerting her of the situation.

This allowed Clarissa to keep an eye on Lili, but when Estefan found out that even Clarissa was aware of what was happening, when this had just happened, he alerted her to how quickly information moves.

Lili commented that perhaps during this week she could share the video where you can see what her accident was like.

In the most recent videos and images that Lili has shared from her vacation on Instagram, she can be seen accompanied by her children and with them are Gloria and Emilio Estefan along with the rest of the family of the host of “El Gordo y la Flaca.” .

On the other hand, it is worth adding that Lili Estefan has been hosting the program with Clarissa Molina and other guests because now it was Raúl de Molina’s turn to take his vacation.

“El Gordo” once again decided to vacation in Spain and on this occasion he went for a walk through the city of Valencia. Through Instagram, the driver shared a comment about this new experience, where he stated the following: “Incredible, it would be the only one phrase how to describe the city of Arts and Science of one of the most important architects in the world.”

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