The House of Famous People 4: Lupillo Rivera confesses that he almost went to blows with Paulo Quevedo – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: Lupillo Rivera confesses that he almost went to blows with Paulo Quevedo – El Diario NY

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Sundays in The House of the Famous 4the inhabitants star in one of the craziest dynamics on Hispanic television: “The positioning”, where everyone must choose not only which of the nominees they want to leave the reality show, but they must also tell them the reasons why, they They consider this should no longer be part of it.

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This activity has unleashed a series of heated arguments, which have only exposed all those who have fallen into its voracity with insults, discrimination and humiliation.

Lupillo Rivera admitted that this past weekend’s positioning caused him such discomfort with Paulo Quevedo that he was about to hit him. Rodrigo Romeh and Clovis Nienow shared his feelings but made it very clear that they were with him but that in case something like this happened they were going to stop him, because they know that only one blow is needed to be expelled from the reality show, as happened ago. a couple of months with Carlos Gómez, the only one expelled from the entire franchise of this program in the Telemundo edition.

At the moment, both Romeh and Lupillo have received a series of apologies from Paulo, for everything that happened in this dynamic. But the actor maintains his discomfort with Clovis, whom he seems to decide to pursue in the coming days.

Nienow, for his part, is completely shielded by his room, who support each of the words he expressed in “The positioning”, while Aleska Génesis, who has called herself a friend and has been closer to Clovis, seems to have betrayed him, because in conversations with Quevedo about said discussion, She took sides for him and not for his friend and ally from the fourth earth, who has also been dedicating all his loving attention to her for weeks and with whom she has also had a heartfelt conversation about her feelings.

Now, let’s remember that Aleska had a lot of affection and appreciation for Carlos Gómez, who was not only her compatriot, Venezuelan, in this game, but also her friend and confidant in the reality show.

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