The House of Famous People 4: There are three inhabitants of the fourth earth who are in danger of elimination – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: There are three inhabitants of the fourth earth who are in danger of elimination – El Diario NY

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The House of the Famous 4 It is divided into three rooms that are named: water, earth and fire. Each of these practically became the name of each team that is still in competition to this day, thanks to the arrival of new inhabitants, to the reality show, which allowed the fire room to re-emerge, because basically only Cristina Porta was left in it. , who played independently and La Bronca who was always an undisputed ally of agua.

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The other inhabitants that are part of this season are distributed as follows. In water we have: La Melaza, Alana Lliteras and Aleska Génesis. On land they are: La Divaza, Lupillo Rivera, Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow, Ariadna Gutiérrez and Maripily Rivera; in fire now they sleep: Serrath, Patricia Corcino, Paulo Quevedo, La Bronca, Geraldine Bazán and Cristina Porta.

From the first week the public emerged as the favorite of the fourth land. The recent separation from Maripily Rivera even increased the favoritism of many fans for this group, since many followers of 24/7 always described “the Puerto Rican hurricane” as “the bad apple” of the group.

But, the separation with Rivera has also led to many disagreements within the game and has also awakened the genuine discomfort of the famous people who live on earth, for the Puerto Rican. The dynamics of the “cinema” within the house has also left her exposed to her eyes, and now they know that she has been speaking badly about all of them for a long time and even exposing her strategies in front of the rest of her classmates.

Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez are the ones who are experiencing the most conflicts, because Maripily’s attacks on them are sometimes silent but direct and on others it has reached the point of shouting. Lupillo Rivera is also attacked, but he knows how to go off on tangents and does not fall for his provocations. However, Ari and Romeh are tired and no longer want to endure any insults from the “Boricua hurricane.”

The situation at this point is complex, and has generated campaigns against the Mexican and the Colombian on social networks. Support for the land is strong, but the attitudes of these two could take their toll on them in a future nomination. If later the two of them enter the SUM and compete there against Lupillo and Maripily, it is most likely that one of them will leave and they will not even be able to take out the Puerto Rican, who is emerging day by day as a favorite heading to the final of this show.

The Divaza is the third inhabitant of this room who is in danger, because for some reason she never managed to enter the game. Her appearances remain sporadic and all the liveliness that her fans have been able to see on her YouTube channels here has been conspicuous by her absence.

La Divaza has not managed to emerge in this reality show and there is not much interest in appearing either. She appears from time to time for positionings and parties. But on a day-to-day basis at home, if it is not because her colleagues try to join her in the activities, she does not let herself be seen.

For now we have to wait and fans of the fourth land must be attentive to the next nominations, because if La Bronca is eliminated today, water and land will be left without a wild card. They could continue together for at least three or four more weeks, because the next eliminated could be: Paulo Quevedo, Patricia Corcino and Serrath. But after the departure of these three, Geraldine Bazán will be a difficult rival to beat, because her game is being liked a lot by the public who follows the galas and the 24/7 La Casa de los Famosos 4 on Telemundo.

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