The House of Famous People 4: Who is leading in the polls on May 20, hours before the final – El Diario NY

The House of Famous People 4: Who is leading in the polls on May 20, hours before the final – El Diario NY

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The House of the Famous 4 will experience its grand finale today. And to date, all the surveys that have been carried out show a clear trend between Rodrigo Romeh, Lupillo Rivera and Maripily Rivera, always being “El Huracán Boricua” who leads the most votes.

La Casa de los Famosos 4: How to vote in the final on May 20, using the QR code

The last two places in the table are very well defined, fourth and fifth place are not up for discussion, however it is worth noting that Geraldine Bazán is the first participant in this game to reach the top five, without having been part of the first batch of celebrities to enter this controversial house.

The two big reasons why both Geraldine and Alana Lliteras remain in the house are linked to the ability they have had to answer not only questions from the public but also from the press. In addition, their oratory during the debates on Sunday, May 19, made them stand out above Aleska Génesis, with whom both experienced strong conflicts within the Telemundo reality show.

Below we are going to show you all the graphs that reflect the best voting intention of the public who has been following La Casa de los Famosos 4 for four months:

Reading the votes and the graphs allows us to see that the numbers of both Maripily and Rodrigo Romeh have been rising day by day, unlike those of Lupillo Rivera who for some reason stagnated first with only 24% percent and Now it is difficult for them to exceed 26% percent of them.

There are few graphs that leave Lupillo as an absolute winner. The difference between the first three places is minimal. For both Lupillo Rivera and Rodrigo Romeh and Maripily Rivera they reflect a minimal difference.

This house will be won by the team that keeps voting tirelessly.

The surveys do not lie and to a large extent reflect how the intention of the fans is going, and not only those who traveled every day 24/7 but also those who attended the galas every day.

It is important to remember that all the dynamics in which the production intervened in the game also made this season the phenomenon it is today, because the game revealed personalities that we never expected. Lupillo Rivera, for example, went from being a hero to being a villain and Maripily Rivera from being one of the least loved to being the public’s ultimate protector.

The case of Rodrigo Romeh is also worth evaluating and highlighting. He arrived at the ground floor without a bed and stayed there until he earned his place. And from being a pawn, as many called him, he became the absolute leader of La Casa de los Famosos 4.

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