The House of the Famous 4: Cristina Porta and her first statements after her elimination – El Diario NY

The House of the Famous 4: Cristina Porta and her first statements after her elimination – El Diario NY


On Monday, April 29, Nacho Lozano announced the name of Cristina Porta as the fourteenth eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 4. After three months in this competition, the Spaniard is clear that she reached these stages because of the affection of her audience.

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In the first interview as eliminated, Porta says she feels “too calm.” A situation that surprises her because on an emotional level she is not usually like that. “I honestly didn’t expect my elimination on this occasion, but I did expect it much earlier,” she says for Telemundo.

“I thought Aleska was going to be eliminated… and I haven’t seen her too much from the front”said Cristina, who thought that the Venezuelan was leaving because of the confrontations she had with the inhabitants of the fourth water.

After her elimination, Cristina revealed that for her basically all the inhabitants of water and land are people who “throw the stone and hide their hand.” She also describes the relationship between Rodrigo Romeh and Maripily Rivera as one of “convenience” on the part of the Mexican, because “El Huracán Boricua” has nothing to envy of his roommate.

Regarding Alana and Aleska’s enmity, it seems very strong. Reason why she considers that they were not real friends, because they have already broken ties of friendship. About Lupillo Rivera he says that “he is a very strange man” and that because he is such a strategist that he has lacked truly knowing the person.

He describes Paty as the perfect friend and Paulo paints him as “a man of ten.” And she insists that Rodrigo Romeh is a false professor, while she accepts that Lupillo Rivera is the greatest strategist of the house and of the entire season of this reality show. Finally, she assures that he is more than ready to face Alfredo Adame in the La Casa de los Famosos 4 forum, but she does not know if he is prepared to receive her…

Here we leave you the complete statements of Cristina Porta, after being eliminated from Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos 4:

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