The House of the Famous 4: This is how the closure of the fourth water was experienced, led by Rodrigo Romeh – El Diario NY

The House of the Famous 4: This is how the closure of the fourth water was experienced, led by Rodrigo Romeh – El Diario NY

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The House of the Famous 4 of Telemundo is experiencing the last days of the competition. The final will take place on May 20, the day on which we will know the names of the inhabitants who will occupy the top five, remembering that only the first three places.

First place will win $200,000, second place will win $100,000. $50,000 dollars, that amount of money will take the briefcase that falls to third place.

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However, even though the competition is about to end, the production has one last news for the inhabitants. A bomb! Today one of the two rooms that are still open for now will close. Which will it be, water or fire?

This is how the closing of the fourth water was experienced

Lupillo Rivera and Rodrigo Romeh were the representatives that their teammates chose to compete in defense of their respective rooms. The objective of the test was for each of them to answer questions related to all the inhabitants that made up this fourth season.

The final battle of the quarterfinals began and they were very even. Before the first cut during it, both Lupe and Romeh closed the space tied at two points.

The test continued and remained very even, because the two participants maintained a tie. It is worth saying that the most difficult tests were for Romeh, because since Lupillo first chose the name of the respective partner by whom he was going to be questioned, he left the most difficult options to Rodrigo.

“El toro del corrido” and Romeh went to the second round, all because of the tiebreaker. On day 116, the production of La Casa de los Famosos 4 decided to close one of the rooms. In the final test, Rodrigo Romeh and Lupillo Rivera faced each other. And the result practically gave back to the “Toro del Corrido”.

Justice, for many, allowed Rodrigo Romeh to win and as the winner he decides which quarter is closed and why. “Today Romeh can give him a spoonful of his own medicine!” Said Jimena Gállego, host of the reality show with Nacho Lozano.

“You have 10 minutes to turn off the water room and go to the fire room, immediately,” these were the words that Lozano He told Romeh to inform Lupillo Rivera and Aleska Génesis, and he, like a true gentleman, indicated that the act was not done with revenge, but as part of an indication given by the dynamics of the game itself.

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