The Imagine Dragons fell in love with Guanajuato: they walked through San Miguel

The Imagine Dragons fell in love with Guanajuato: they walked through San Miguel

Before its expected presentation at the Strawberry Fair 2024 in Irapuato the acclaimed American group Imagine Dragons She has been captured falling in love with the charms of this state while walking through San Miguel de Allende.

Hours before going on stage, the band members were seen strolling through the historic streets of San Miguel de Allendeimmersing yourself in the cultural and architectural wealth that this city has to offer.

The group, known for global hits like “Radioactive” and “Demons,” seemed enchanted by the unique atmosphere and picturesque beauty of San Miguel de Allende. From the colorful facades of colonial houses to the vibrant local markets, Imagine Dragons He did not miss the opportunity to explore every corner of this colonial jewel.

Locals and tourists could not contain their excitement upon meeting the band members, who kindly stopped to take photos and chat with those who recognized them.

The impromptu visit of Imagine Dragons Not only did it cause a stir among fans, but it also highlighted Guanajuato’s ability to attract international artists with its unique charm and rich history.

As the band prepared to take the stage at Strawberry Fair, fans are eagerly awaiting a performance full of energy and passion. However, this brief interlude in San Miguel de Allende.

After that express visit, they traveled to Irapuato where they performed before more than 80 thousand people who gave each of their songs marking before, and after at the 2024 strawberry fair.

Originally published in The Sun of Irapuato

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