The main risks you run when tuning your car

Car tuning is a very popular form of custom modification among car lovers.

Car tuning is a very popular form of custom modification among car lovers.

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chip tuning engine tuning allows you to improve the dynamics of your car for greater power and efficiency. This service is inexpensive and takes no more than an hour. It is usually legal. Chip tuning is a remapping of the factory settings of the engine control unit (ECU). However, such interference increases the cost of insurance and jeopardizes your warranty.

What is car chip tuning?

Engine chip tuning is something like a software update. Changes are made in the ECU using a program file or 鈥渕ap鈥. The ECU is crucial because it controls how the engine works: ignition timing, fuel, and boost pressure. Radically change the 鈥渁ppearance鈥 of your engine.

But what are the risks? Will this tuning affect the payment of your insurance? Also, how do you know the car鈥檚 firmware has already been changed? Here we will tell you the details of this process.

Engine chip tuning: which option to choose?

You have to decide for yourself what is more important to you: power, fuel efficiency or handling? Chip tuning is relevant not only for passenger cars, but also for vans, motorcycles, trucks and even tractors.

Tuning risks in your car

ECU remapping can be tailored to your driving style. Chiptuning isn鈥檛 just about speed, it can also:

  • Increase the cost of insurance, even if it is not visible on the surface.
  • Cancel your auto insurance policy if you don鈥檛 notify your insurer.
  • Increase the load on the motor, which reduces its useful life.
  • Therefore, please pay attention to the shortcomings of ECU chip tuning and take a responsible approach when choosing a service provider.
  • The advantages of chip tuning

    • Most manufacturers install 鈥渁verage鈥 programs in the car鈥檚 ECU, which do not take into account the characteristics of a particular fuel, the climatic characteristics of the region, etc. So it is always possible to modify the ECU for better performance.
    • Chip tuning generally adjusts the air-fuel mixture by increasing turbocharging pressure. In some cases, you may see a performance jump of 25-35%. Most diesel and gasoline cars can be easily and safely repurposed.
    • In the simplest cases, this procedure takes less than an hour. This requires a regular laptop.
    • Thanks to chip tuning, your car鈥檚 engine will perform better with minimal effort or mechanical changes.
    • Chip tuning allows you to increase the power and efficiency of the motor.
    • What about security?

      If chip tuning is carried out by highly qualified specialists, it does not pose any danger to the car. With poor-quality car repairs and maintenance, chip tuning increases the risk of unforeseen breakdowns. If there is any malfunction, it is also not advisable to reassign the ECU.



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