The manga Kakkou no Iinazuke revealed the cover of its 15th volume

The manga Kakkou no Iinazuke revealed the cover of its 15th volume

The company kodansha revealed on its official website the official cover of the #15 compiled book volume for the manga. Yoshikawa Miki«Kakko no Iinazuke» (A Couple of Cuckoos), and additionally it was reported that this volume will be released for sale in stores in Japan on December 15 of this year. It should be noted that this volume will be priced at 528 yen and will have 200 pages in total.

Kakkou No Iinazuke Manga Vol 15

the manga kakkou no Iinazukealso know as A Couple of Cuuckosis written and illustrated by Miki Yoshikawaand began its publication in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine from the publisher kodansha since January 2020. Currently, the manga has 13 compiled volumes currently published.

It is worth mentioning that the manga was originally one of the three One Shots that Yoshikawa I publish in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine in the year 2020, which fans chose for this manga to become their next series.

Kakkou No Iinazuke Anime Visual

On April 23 of this year, the manga Kakko no Iinazuke would premiere its anime adaptation that will consist of a total of 24 episodes (divided into 2 parts). Also, animation studios Shin-Ei Animation Y SynergySP will be in charge of the production of the series under the direction of Akagi Horakiand will be legally available through the platform crunchyrollwho made a dubbing into Latin Spanish.

synopsis of Kakko no Iinazuke:

The story centers on high school student Nagi Umino, who discovers along with Erika Amano, a studious student and social media star from their high school, that they were switched at birth. When the sudden news is revealed to both of their families, their parents quickly come up with a proposal without Nagi or Erika’s knowledge: in order to restore them both to their rightful families and ensure everyone’s happiness, the two must be engaged.

When informed of this, Nagi and Erika quickly reject the absurd plan, refusing to go along with their parents’ wishes. But, with neither party willing to back down, only time can tell where their relationship will go.


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