The mask of Lionel Messi: former Real Madrid footballer revealed the true personality of “La Pulga”

Messi was the protagonist of great sports fights against Real Madrid for 16 seasons.

Messi was the protagonist of great sports fights against Real Madrid for 16 seasons.

Photo: CURTO DE LA TORRE / AFP / Getty Images

Lionel messi he is one of the best footballers in history. The great performances of “La Pulga” back it up and also his moderation and tranquility within the field. The Argentine player has not been involved in controversies for unsportsmanlike behavior within the engramado, But former Real Madrid goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek described some facets of the PSG star.

It was very misleading and provocative, as were Barcelona and Pep Guardiola. I saw Messi say such rude things to Pepe and Ramos that you cannot imagine a person so calm and apparently pleasant”, Dudek pointed out in some sentences of his autobiographical book, compiled by TyC Sports.

Without a doubt, it is a totally different conception from the one that can be seen from the stands. Dudek was part of the merengue squad from 2007 to 2011 and along the way he lived through many classics, enough to describe these little details of “La Pulga”.

A new attack on Cristiano Ronaldo

Dudek’s criticisms weren’t just directed at his rivals. The Polish goalkeeper also questioned Cristiano Ronaldo, footballer with whom he shared a dressing room. Although he highlighted the gigantic competitive facet of CR7, the former goalkeeper he did not fail to mention the arrogance of the Portuguese.

Cristiano was self-centered.ico, and incredibly competitive and a winner (…) He was an arrogant but good person in the end”, He sentenced.

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