The mega fight that went viral between two NASCAR drivers – La Opinion

The mega fight that went viral between two NASCAR drivers – La Opinion

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When talking about NASCAR it immediately translates into a spectacle on and off the track, worthy of admiration by all fans of the world of sports, especially in this modality. In the mecca of entertainment in the United States, the show is as valuable as a definition on the line in the typical ovals where the traditional and quite popular North American category is run.

The incident that involved a pair of NASCAR drivers recently went viral.Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Bush, who argued over a maneuver in the competition called All Stars, in which the best 20 drivers of the major division championship, the Cup, competed. The event took place at the North Wilkesboro Speedway where held the second edition of this special race that does not count towards the championship, but it is a quite competitive date since a million dollars is at stake.

What happened?

Stenhouse Jr. and Bush had an accident at the beginning of the race when on the first lap, Bush brushed against the wall and believed that Stenhouse Jr. had pushed him towards that place. Bush, for his part, was able to complete the race and finished in 10th place, while Stenhouse Jr. retired after an accident on the second lap.

After 200 laps and a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes, the race came to an end and in the middle After the fireworks, Stenhouse Jr. learned of Bush’s accusations and went to confront him in the pit section. They were finally face to face and Busch had to listen to a very angry Stenthouse Jr., who hit his colleague and he responded without any delay. Mechanics and other team members of both pilots joined the pitched battle and the brawl was of epic proportions between shoving, attacks and much more.

NASCAR did not sanction anyone

It all happened in front of live television cameras and as NASCAR has tradition of not sanctioning this type of problem, it is a custom for pilots to come to blows, which are also a fact that will spread on social networks and immediately become viral.

Such is the reality of the fight in question and that NASCAR does not sanction this type of actionswho this Monday decided to post through their social networks several videos with different angles of the fight and even a photo of the first hitting action.

As usual, the topic went viral and everyone talked about the boxing episode, including Marcos Di Palma., who with a touch of humor wrote “these are pilots” and added the laughing emojis. The event was widely commented around the world, even among people who are not NASCAR fans and that is precisely why this category of motor sport achieved its goal.

After 13 rounds, the championship is led by Kyle Larson (Chevrolet) after two victories (Las Vegas and Kansas) and scored 486 points. He leads Martin Truex Jr. (Toyota) by 30. The next date will be taking place this Sunday at the traditional Coca-Cola 600 at the Charlotte oval in North Carolina.

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