The message from the White House after learning about the CANCER that Kate Middleton suffers

The message from the White House after learning about the CANCER that Kate Middleton suffers

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Days ago, Kate Middleton She returned to public light to reveal the unfortunate news that she had been diagnosed with cancer. At only 42 years of age, the Duchess of Cambridge thanked everyone for all the concern around her, ensuring that she was already undergoing the corresponding treatment, and expressing solidarity with all the people in the world who were also fighting the disease. Meanwhile, numerous political and diplomatic figures sent her support to Middleton, highlighting among all the statement released by the White House in USA.

Joe Biden’s words to Kate Middleton after her cancer diagnosis

Through the spokesperson for the White HouseKarine Jean-Pierre, Joe Biden and his cabinet dedicated a heartfelt message to the British Crown, wishing them improved health. Kate Middletonand praising the strength he has shown in the process: Our thoughts are with the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as her family and friends, during this incredibly difficult time. And without a doubt, we wish her a speedy recovery.

On the other hand, Jean-Pierre did not delve into more details about the specific messages from the president of USA. Out of respect for the privacy of all parties involved, the spokesperson said that, at this time, she has nothing to announce about whether US President Joe Biden has spoken directly with Kate Middleton or with your family: I can only say at this time that we have nothing to share. But obviously, we wish the Duchess of Cambridge a speedy recovery, and we are incredibly saddened by the news.

The news about the diagnosis of cancer Kate Middletontakes place just a few months after it was confirmed that Charles IIIcurrent king of England, is dealing with prostate cancer. Although Kate did not delve into which part of her body the disease is located, it is known that Charles III applauded the bravery of her daughter-in-law after the moving video in which she explains that she is undergoing preventive chemotherapy.

On the other hand, the public appearance of Kate Middleton It put an end to any other rumors around him, at least for now. And in recent days, the global media speculated about the prolonged “disappearance” of Prince William’s wife; even putting new rumors of infidelity and other more “everyday” scandals on the table. In the coming weeks, Kate is expected to stay away from the cameras to continue, above all, with her medical treatment.

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