“The one with the red cap looks at you all the time”, the message that saved a young girl

This March 8 The women of Latin America went out to march in protest against a situation of generalized insecurity that exists in many of these countries, where the stories that tell what being a woman entails in the streets cause indignation and disagreement among people.

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Such is the case that happened to the user of Twitter PilarPatekoriginally from America, Argentina, who shared an experience that, fortunately and unlike many cases, had a happy ending in which she was able to return home safely.

“I was watching a movie on the bus when a girl who was sitting next to me handed me a piece of paper,” the woman narrates through a publication where she thanks the gesture of support she received from another woman who was traveling on public transport.

“Notice that the one with the red cap looks at you all the time. I get off at Trenque, between us we take care of ourselves, ”says the note she received from the person traveling with her, Elina Minghetti.

The impotence of not being able to use public transport without being exposed to situations of harassment is one of the frustrations that users of the social network shared after this story, in which they also point out that traveling among women is much more comfortable. In a short time, the tweet has had a wide reach, not only because of the large number of women who empathize with this situation, but also because it revives the debate about when a look on the bus becomes harassment.

“Looking a lot without taking your eyes off her is very intimidating and makes it uncomfortable. And today you have achieved the fear that we have of you even when you look at us without that intention, ”another user responds to the comments that have expressed disbelief towards this situation.

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In recent years, the trend of “taking care of each other” has gained popularity among groups of women among whom there is a growing disagreement with the authorities and their way of handling complaints of harassment, opting instead to find support in the community. who has been through similar situations.

note published in The Sun of Hermosillo

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