The ONLY format of the American Visa that is delivered to you in just 15 days |  REQUIREMENTS

The ONLY format of the American Visa that is delivered to you in just 15 days | REQUIREMENTS


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One of the serious consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the delay in different procedures and documentation, and one of them is nothing more and nothing less than the American visabut don’t worry, because if you need your identification for your next trip, This is the format that you will be able to get in only 15 days; Next we will tell you which are the requirements what you need and if you apply for it.

It is important to mention that this document is Vital importance to be able to enter the nation, since the American visa Travelers who are originally from countries that are not within the visa waiver program, and with this, the immigration authorities They have greater control of the people who enter their country and also the time they stay and their reasons.

And there are at least 10 formats different from the American visa that each of them also have subdivisionsso the U.S. government has always asked applicants to clearly identify the needs that lead them to enter this country, because if they are not the same as those presented at the consulate, the entire process It will be thrown away and you will have to start from scratch.

The option that we bring you today is one of the best that thousands of people can face. applicants, since it is one that they are going to deliver to you in just 15 days, this in comparison to the waiting time in the Procedure of the American visa, Well, according to the latest reports, if you start the process this month of Marchyour interview with the Embassy of USA It would be until next year 2026.

What is the American visa that they give you in just 15 days?

Be careful, the option that we are going to present to you today is nothing more and nothing less than a work visaso in order to process it you must have a specific job offer, since the consular officers are going to request the company documentation with which you are going to work, but the best of all is that they will deliver it to you in just two weeks if all the documents are in order; These are the requirements.

This format of American visa is he H-1B, same that is granted to people who are looking for a specialized work, since the worker will remain with a nonimmigrant status for the entire duration of your contract, and the best of all is that it can also help you in the future to apply for permanent residence, since it is Job Opportunity It is according to your university studies.

It is worth mentioning that in order to access this visa format, The applicant must take into account that the salary they are offered must be equal to those who work in the same field, as well as have all their work documentation in rule, since in its case it is a sponsorship offered by the north american company to this worker from abroad, because if everything is in order you will have it in just 15 days.


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