The ordeal of two Argentine technicians who have been imprisoned in Venezuela for three months for a fight – La Opinión

The ordeal of two Argentine technicians who have been imprisoned in Venezuela for three months for a fight – La Opinión

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Gustavo Verón and Andrés Haupt find themselves living in quite complicated times where anxiety and doubt reign in each of them and their loved ones. They arrived in Venezuela with the proposal of taking charge of the coordination of the minor categories of the Venezuelan First Division soccer team, Deportivo La Guaira, an excellent opportunity for both.

Unfortunately everything fell apart on February 27 and the dream they were living ended. becoming a real nightmare; In the middle of a friendly match against the Central University of Venezuela, a fight broke out between both teams and both were accused of having participated in it. After the game they ended up being detained and held completely incommunicado in a police unit, a situation that remains in effect to this day. Both were charged with “injury” and “inciting hatred”, charges that both Verón and Haupt have denied from day one.

Are political ties part of all this?

The account of the events by both Verón and Haupt is quite distant from what is maintained Venezuelan justice. In Verón’s own words, he assures that he did intervene in the fight, but to get his partner out, since he himself was being beaten among several members of the delegation from the Central University of Venezuela. In that clash, there was an attack on one of the authorities of the rival club, who they point out to have strong ties to the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Apparently the injuries reported were not serious. The next day After what happened, Verón was summoned to testify while Haupt was arrested at his home.

What happened and why?

The conflict began after several arguments near the access door to the playing field.. It is there at that point where the fight takes place after the first blows thrown between both teams. Until now, the families of both Argentines can only have contact with them by message, since there is an absolute prohibition on video calls.

Deportivo La Guaira at the time promised to take charge of the situation and promised that the release of both technicians it would be in a matter of days, and so the days, weeks passed and so far this has not happened and they remain deprived of liberty. The preliminary hearing in the case was postponed twice. The last time it was scheduled for May 9, but was later postponed to the 21st.

“This case is directly linked to a political issue. Our clients were held hostage today. of the fight between the governments of Argentina and Venezuela. Both Gustavo and Andrés have exemplary behavior since the first day they arrived in the country. They went to work with their families and never had a problem. This was a typical fight at a soccer game and today they have been detained for three months, a total injustice that can only be analyzed in a political and not a legal way,” stressed Matías Morla, whose law firm took charge of representing the coaches. .

“We are working together with several international organizations, accompanying the family and putting everything that the law firm has at its disposal to ensure that they are released and return to Argentina. The injuries of the person reporting were minor and in any case, if there is a process, the fact in itself means that both of them will wait for him to be released,” he added.

“We continue to focus on the development of our training categories,” Deportivo La Guaira celebrated. on Instagram when the Argentine professionals joined. “The challenge, the objective we have here, is to try to train and strengthen. “We are prepared,” Verón announced in the video that can still be seen today on social networks. “We are excited to be here, eager to work so that the youth players can join the professional team tomorrow,” added Haupt. All those expectations today mutated into a nightmare.

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