The photos of Selena Gómez in underwear that hours later she decided to delete – El Diario NY

The photos of Selena Gómez in underwear that hours later she decided to delete – El Diario NY


The famous actress and singer Selena Gomez left the more than 429 million fans she has on her Instagram account breathless by publishing some photos where she showed off her voluptuous curves for a few hours, since later, she apparently regretted it and he decided to remove them from his profile.

In the screenshots that some Internet users managed to obtain and share on the social network completely.

Several users began to comment that the interpreter had removed the daring postcards from her networks due to some comments she received about her physical appearance, since the increase in sizes and measurements that he currently presents in some parts of his body, which are supposedly a side effect of the effects of the lupus treatment he suffers from.

Selena Gomez explains her weight gain due to lupus

Selena Gómez’s appearances are always commented on on social networks, where the star has often received unpleasant messages about her appearance. But far from staying silent, she always responds with humor or a good explanation.

The reality behind the singer and actress’s weight gain is due to the medication she has been taking for years for lupus. “I tend to retain fluids, and that happens very often“The interpreter explained in 2023 through a video she uploaded to TikTok, where she added that she also tends to lose weight when she doesn’t take it.

“I just wanted to encourage anyone who feels any kind of shame about what they’re going through, that no one knows the real story. I want people to know that they are beautiful and wonderful. Yes, we have days when we feel bad, but I prefer to be healthy and take care of myself, and my medications are important and I think they help me. So well, I’m not a model and I never will be. I think they are incredible, yes. I am definitely not that,” she concluded.

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