The pranks are over!  Kris Jenner confirms that Kylie is her favorite daughter

The pranks are over! Kris Jenner confirms that Kylie is her favorite daughter


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the daughters of Chris Jenner have always joked with the possibility that Kylie Jenner be the favorite of the clan matriarch. Today, thanks to a lie detector, this has ceased to be a rumor and has become an absolute reality. Kylie is Kris’ favorite!

Some of her daughters believe that the creator of Kylie Cosmetics is Kris’s favorite thanks to the millionaire cosmetic empire she has built. Which, by the way, she launched as a single woman, without children and without commitments. It must also be remembered that in effect today, Kylie is the daughter who has had the greatest success at the business level.

Here is the video with the question and the reaction to the lie detector, during his time on the James Corden program, who also turned out to be Kris’s favorite driver:

It is also worth mentioning that in this program the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan eliminated that old rumor that was circulating in Hollywood, which pointed to her as the person who had leaked the sexual video of her daughter Kim, a video that many point to as the real one. and the only precursor of the popularity of the Kardashians, since through all of them, it is said, they managed to enter the world of entertainment with the big leagues.

It was through a lie detector that Kris Jenner delegitimized this rumor.

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