The reactions left by Karol G’s show with Servando and Florentino Primera in Caracas – El Diario NY

The reactions left by Karol G’s show with Servando and Florentino Primera in Caracas – El Diario NY

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The Colombian singer Karol G starred in a spectacular moment at his concert in Caracas, by inviting the famous Venezuelan duo of Servando and Florentino Primera, to whom La Bichota paid tribute by performing their songs ‘De Sol a Sol’ and ’14 de Febrero’.

Almost at the close of the artist’s second presentation in the Venezuelan capital, the salseros appeared, causing the excitement of the audience present.

“Come on! Those who know this song, because we haven’t sung it in a long time. It’s worth it for the stadium to fall tonight, she says…,” she said before starting the hit song ‘De Sol a Sol’.

Karol G’s show in Caracas

When dancing and doing the emblematic turn, many became excited and began to dance and shout.

On social networks there was also a lot of happiness for the reunion of these Latin music stars.

“Surely she is a fan in love fulfilling a dream, beauty, always the Karol G boot”, “Spectacular, congratulations. May God continue to bless her and continue her successes. I’m waiting for the Bernabeu concert in Spain. I hope Ferxxo sings,” she wrote.

Servando Primera sent a message after the show last night to thank the Colombian singer: “Look how beautiful Ávila is, how beautiful Caracas, because tomorrow will be beautiful. Just as Carolina says, tomorrow will be beautiful, but yesterday was beautiful because it is an enormous blessing that two historically sister countries, like Venezuela and Colombia, embrace each other with songs, with the shared culture that we have. I want to thank you, Carolina, for your light, for your beautiful family, your mother Marta, your little sister Jessica, your father, for being so beautiful, for having been so special with their words and their actions too. Here I toast with coffee, I’m waking up, I also want to thank the production.”

After this, he indicated: “Tremendous work, very proud of you, of everything that can be done as a team. God bless you Karol, and your entire team too. Blessings and may music continue to be our strongest bond.”

The famous person also highlighted that the Venezuelan public loves Bichota and it has been demonstrated with the affection they showed her during March 22 and 23.

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