The room where Ayrton Senna spent his last night alive: How much does it cost to stay there?  – The opinion

The room where Ayrton Senna spent his last night alive: How much does it cost to stay there? – The opinion

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Ayrton Senna was always a different driver on and off the race tracks and far from making use of Of the large hotel chains where racers come to rest during the extensive Formula 1 seasons, the Brazilian in his time always chose the Hotel Castello, located in the Bologna area 14 kilometers from the Dino and Enzo Ferrari Autódromo, every time he had to compete at the Imola circuit, where on May 1, 1994 he lost his life in an accident driving his Williams-Renault FW 16 car.

It is a four-star hotel that was converted into a place of worship, tribute and homage for the pilot which is one of the most admired and respectable in the history of the highest category of professional motorsports. The room in which the star rested on what was the last night of his life, today has become a place with public access for his visit and is a suite that bears the name of the masterful pilot.

A very special and unique place

Far from having luxuries, it does have a mystique in an area of ​​very strong influence in terms of Italian motorsports. and in which Ayrton Senna felt quite calm, calm and comfortable with the traditional pastas that delight each and every one of his visitors. The treatment that the world champion (1988, 1990 and 1991 all with the McLaren team) received from the entire hotel staff and especially its workers, was unique and quite special.

Room 200 today is called “Ayrton Senna Suite” and is at your complete disposal. from the public and in it there is a famous quote from the Brazilian pilot written on one of the walls: “When I think I have reached my limit, it seems to me that I have the strength to go further.”

The hotel also boasts another of Senna’s most famous quotes: “if a person no longer has dreams, no longer has a reason to live. Dreaming is necessary, although reality must be glimpsed in the dream. For me it is one of the principles of life.” Words from the driver who in his life competed in a total of 161 Formula 1 Grand Prix, won 41 races, scored 65 pole positions, achieved 80 podiums and 19 lap records.

Since that fateful accident that claimed the life of the Brazilian pilot, the hotel became a visit almost a must for motorsport lovers. “At the Hotel Castello you will find a corner dedicated to Ayrton Senna where you can admire some souvenirs given to the owners’ family. Including a scale model of McLaren Honda given by Ayrton himself to the children of the owner of the Castello Hotel,” the place says on its official site, which also claims to have “one of the 11 authentic helmets created in Brazil and donated to the Hotel.” Castello, several items of clothing donated by Team McLaren and multiple objects donated by fans and people who love the story of the famous champion Ayrton Senna.”

How much does a night in the Ayrton Senna Suite cost?

According to information from the media INFOBAE, those who contacted the hotel To check hotel costs, for May 10, the answer was 349 euros ($373). There are incessant visits to the hotel by Formula 1 and motorsports fans, to the point that the aforementioned room is one of the most requested in addition to being quite nostalgic, so fans want to have a little closeness with whoever they are in. life was one of the most charismatic pilots of his time.

The experience lived by a journalist in the room

A note that was published and distributed by the Daily Mail newspaper on April 26 and written by journalist Oliver Holt, who recently visited the room, described in his words that “there is nothing to suggest, from the outside, that there is anything different in room 200 of the Hotel Castello on the outskirts of the pretty little spa town of Castel San Pietro Terme, a few kilometers from Bologna.”

“The bedroom door is as simple and ordinary as any other door in the modest hotel. “Their windows don’t have any views worth mentioning, because there’s not much to see here on the outskirts of town,” Holt added.

“But inside, the three-room set has been preserved (with the addition of a television screen) just as it was when Ayrton Senna, the man many still believe to be the greatest racing driver of all time, walked out that door on the morning of May 1, 1994 and never returned.”

“The plain white decoration is the same, the cabinet with a light brown lacquer finish and its five low drawers is the same, the Japanese frieze above the bed, with four panels with scenes of the moon and mountains and a spindly tree hanging from the slopes, is also the same,” the journalist noted.

“The massage table in the next room is still there. Even the bathroom, a kind mini-jacuzzi, has remained as it was when Senna left that morning to make the short journey to the Autódromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, where he would emerge with the 65th pole position of his illustrious career for the San Marino Grand Prix. ”, he stressed.

“There is also another difference besides the flat screen TV. Some words, spoken by Senna, are written on the wall in ornate letters in the suite’s entrance hall. They are the first thing you see when you walk through the door,” Oliver noted.

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