The strange request that Clara Chía made to Shakira when she met her for the first time

The strange request that Clara Chía made to Shakira when she met her for the first time


It’s been almost two years since Shakira and Gerard Pique announced that they would go their separate ways after a long relationship and two children together, this supposedly as a result of infidelity on the part of the former soccer player with clear Chiahis current girlfriend. As the months go by, more information about their stormy relationship and their controversial separation continues to come to light. In this instance, in recent days, details have emerged about the first conversation that the young woman had with the Colombian when they met for the first time.

During the 12 years they lasted as a couple, Shakira She abandoned her career to focus on strengthening her relationship and starting a loving family, which led her to not release new music or go on tour for several years. However, since she began this new stage of her life after moving with her children to Miami, she resumed the success that has always accompanied her since she debuted as a singer in her native Colombia, since she began to release new music in collaboration with artists from the moment like Rauw Alejandro.

Shakira He used to live in Barcelona with his children and his ex-partner, hometown of Pique and where he has established his main business: Kosmos. Supposedly, Clara Chía, who is a public relations specialist, was an active employee of the company, so she was constantly in contact with the Spaniard and, of course, sometimes also with the singer. It was inevitable that the two would get to know each other, so their first meeting before the love circle was revealed was quite expected.


Clara Chía asked Shakira for a photo when they met

In recent days, details of the first occasion in which Shakira and clear They crossed paths at the Kosmos offices. Supposedly, the young woman would have had a reaction like a true fan, because the first thing she did was ask her celebrity for a photo together because she is a big fan of her music. This request is surprising now that it is known that she was the alleged culprit of Piqué leaving his former partner.

On social networks, the reaction of clear Chia and it has caused a large number of comments with divided opinions, since there are those who support the Colombian and others defend the current girlfriend of the former soccer player from the attacks. So far it has not been confirmed if his first meeting happened in this way.

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