The strong warnings for Kate Middleton according to numerology

The strong warnings for Kate Middleton according to numerology

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In recent weeks, the British royal family has been involved in various controversies, mainly due to health issues, both the king Charles III who was diagnosed with cancer, as well as Kate Middletonwho had to undergo abdominal surgery in a surprising way, since it became known once it had been performed and since then many have said about this.

Since last January, several theories and rumors have circulated around the health of the princess of walesalthough from the beginning it was announced that his recovery would last several weeks and he could resume his schedule until after the Easter holidays, it has generated great concern.

Many claim that the surgery could have been complicated or even that if it were not for his health, he would be going through problems with the prince william for his alleged affair with Rose Hanburywhich would have forced her to leave or could have caused deep depression.


Although much has been said about the princess, she was recently seen with the prince, after the controversy over the edited photographs in which it seems that it is not about her and again, many claim that the one in the video is not her, but what says the numerology About Kate?

This will be the future of Kate Middleton, according to the numbers

The numerology expert, Ana María Cresta, has dedicated herself to analyze and study more the future queen of Englanda based on the numbers obtained from her full name and which describes her as a woman who loves her family and who likes to be close to the communities to provide her help, as well as her search for peace.

“The complete sum of the vowels of his first and last name gives the number 6. What could we say?: He craves and craves love for family, friends and company, giving protection to them. It gives him pleasure to serve the community, especially children or the elderly. Empathize with the suffering of others. He fights for peace and harmony, he does it by debating, his objective being soft and orderly. He is responsible in his work, at home, at work and in everything he undertakes,” he indicated.

Likewise, the numerologist revealed more about Kate’s way of being in matters of money and work, as she described her as someone who is afraid of new things and who prefers routine, although she is also very secure, many things take her to nostalgia and depression.

“Benevolent and tolerant. When it comes to money, you will only invest in what seems fraud-proof. On the negative side, it usually acts through stubbornness, discussion and overprotection. Since he likes comfort, he prefers routine rather than subjecting himself to uprooting and change. As for work, she works very responsibly in humanitarian careers, as a teacher, as a social worker. In the study of her interior, a mother appears who sets commands on the one hand and towards collaboration with others and also allows her to work on security, submission, indecision, nostalgia. This causes hypersensitivity, depression and emotional problems,” she added.


Regarding health issues and her marriage to the Prince of Wales, the expert assures that she will experience some betrayal or deception, but that she would also continue to have health problems and even problems with her family and there will be no shortage of changes, as they are essential. .

“It is also a year of confusion, betrayal, deception, emotional problems, family conflicts. As it is an important cycle for your personal part, at the end of this year you will be thinking about what you need and want for your life, carrying out an introspection in the inner search and letting go of what you no longer want to go for a new cycle. The big change will be internal. You will need to find out, stop and not implement any future projects. At this stage it will be important to focus on physical and emotional health, since it is a year where health must be taken care of and monitored all year round,” he pointed out.

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