The Tesla plant in Fremont is the most productive factory in the United States, highlights Bloomberg

Tesla Fremont fabrica mas productiva

The Tesla plant, located in Fremont, California, it is the most productive factory in the entire United States, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Tesla outperformed other large companies in the auto industry such as Toyota, BMW or Ford.

And it is that despite the shortage in the supply chain that has affected the automotive industry throughout the world, Tesla in Fremont managed to position itself as the most productive factory in the country, according to Bloomberg.

Although in recent times, it has not been easy for Tesla, continues to focus on putting out its best electric car production.

Larger plants, but not higher than Fremont

Tesla plants in Nevada and AustinAlthough they have their largest facilities, they have not been able to reach the production rate of the factory in Fremont, California.

And it is that in Fremont, a production of 8,500 cars per week was reached, a figure that placed it as the most productive plant in the United States.

Toyota came in second

While the plant Toyotain Georgetown, Kentucky, came in second, producing 8,427 cars a week.

In the third he managed to sneak in the plant BMW in Spartanburg, South Carolina, which was able to produce 8,343 a week.

In fourth and fifth place were the plants of Toyotain Princeton that produced 8,200 units a week; and the factory Fordin Kentucky with 7,600, respectively.

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