The trailer for “Margarita” is out, the spin-off series of “Floricienta”, also produced by Cris Morena – El Diario NY

The trailer for “Margarita” is out, the spin-off series of “Floricienta”, also produced by Cris Morena – El Diario NY

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“Margarita” arrived and is a reality. 20 years ago, Cris Morena gave the entire world the story of “Floricienta”, a soap opera who broke language and even cultural barriers with his music and colors. She gave us two seasons with stories that made us cry, laugh and above all sing and dream.

Now, as a result of the love between Florencia Santillán and the count, Máximo Augusto Calderón de la Hoya, we have “La Condorita”, that is, Margarita who in 2024 will tell us her story. The actress who will play this role is Mora Bianchi and his romantic interest, apparently, will fall on Toti Spangenberg whom we will know by the name of Merlin.

Yes, the young princess of Krikoragán will have her own story. We will dream about Flori and Max’s daughter again!

As some Argentine media have revealed, the story presents Margarita as a true heroine who, like Flor, will illuminate the hearts of all who know her. She will follow, like her mother, her instincts and passions. Margarita will find in her dreams the power to believe and grow in the search for happiness.

We know that the series will currently have 40 episodes and from what we have been able to observe in the trailer we will also have the performances of Isabel Macedo, the unbeatable Delfina and alongside her will also be Malala, a character brought to life by Graciela Stéfani.

When can we see Margarita on the Max platform? fans will ask. For now there is no specific date, but we know that it will all be in the middle of this year 2024.

But be careful, if we now know Margarita’s story, this means that in the future we could also expect to see series about Andrés and Federico? Let us remember that Florencia had triplets, two boys and a girl.

We truly do not have an answer to this question, only Cris Morena knows this, however it is possible that his creative mind will allow us to have these productions in coming years, otherwise we will get to know them in the possible new seasons of “Margarita”. We just have to dream and wait for the magic to happen.

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