The Treasury must return 1.2 million to Dani Alves, money with which he will ask for his freedom – La Opinion

The Treasury must return 1.2 million to Dani Alves, money with which he will ask for his freedom – La Opinion

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The soccer player Dani Alves, sentenced this week by the Barcelona Court to four and a half years in prison, will receive 1.2 million from the Spanish Treasury, condemned in another case regarding the athlete’s taxation.

The newspaper La Vanguardia publishes this Saturday the sentence of the fourth section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the National Court, sent to the player’s lawyer on the same day he learned of his conviction for rape.

In this second case, the National Court upholds the appeal presented by the footballer against the process opened by the Treasury for payment of the services of a FIFA agent. With the new sentence, the Treasury has to return a total of 1.2 million euros to Dani Alves.

The Brazilian’s tax lawyers, according to the newspaper, intend to insist that the Tax Agency proceed with the refund immediately. with the intention, as they have advanced, that this capital be presented as a guarantee of bail to request the provisional release of the player until the sentence for sexual assault is final.

What will Dani Alves’ defense do with the money obtained from the Treasury?

The soccer player’s lawyer for the sexual assault, Inés Guardiola, will appeal the sentence in that case and in the coming days she will ask for the athlete’s freedom, understanding that with the sentence handed down, less than the sentences of 9 and 12 years requested by the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution, the high risk of flight has disappeared.

To do this, he will present part of the money that the Treasury owes to Alves as a guarantee that he will not flee.

His lawyer also alleges that Alves has other antecedents, he has a home in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) and handed over his passport after being arrested on January 20 of last year, the day he entered prison.

Alves has had all his bank accounts frozen since his arrest, so he cannot use his money. Added to this is the judicial process opened in Brazil by her ex-wife Dinorah Santana for the support of her two children, which has led to the seizure of her entire capital so far.

This is the reason why Alves had to turn to his friend Neymar’s father to pay the 150,000 euros of civil liability that the court demanded from him during the investigation of the rape case, money that has served as mitigation to reduce the sentence.

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