The trick in Windows to be able to record your screen without using applications

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Windows offers a large number of tools and programs which are mostly wasted by users due to the fact that they are not aware of their existence.

For this reason, it is frequent to observe users who instead of using the programs that are part of the operating system of their computers use third-party software, this in addition to being less efficient, can compromise the security of their computers.

A sample of this reality occurs with the ability to record a computer screen, which can be done natively and here is how you can do it:

1. Game bar

While it may be a bit strange to talk about opening the Windows game bar when the goal is to take a screenshot, this has an explanation.

As part of the work that Microsoft has been doing to make it easier for computer users to record their games, these They included an option within the game bar to be able to record everything that is in the foreground of the computer screen.

To open this program it is necessary that the user simultaneously press the Windows + U keys.

2. Capture

After opening the program, you must go to the menu box called “capture” which has four buttons. Once you locate it you must press the third option, from left to right, whose icon resembles a dot.

3. Control recording

Below the program will start recording everything that is shown in the foreground on the screen. While this is happening the software will display information about how long it has been since the recording started.

At the same time, it makes available to the user the possibility of pausing or permanently stopping the screen recording.

When the recording is finished you will be able to find the corresponding video in a folder called captures which is in turn in the folder called “videos”.

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