The types of tuning that can lower the price of your car

Car tuning is a very popular form of custom modification among car lovers.

Car tuning is a very popular form of custom modification among car lovers.

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The car tuning it is the practice in which, by definition, there are no rules. You modify what already exists and navigate in any territory you want. Usually, tuning can be done to gain performance in a vehicle鈥檚 engine or to aesthetically modify the bodywork of the car.

It does not matter if it is something complex or simple, tuning is about changing, about personalizing a car. The tuning industry is around 25 years old and the boom point in this part of the world came with the Fast and Furious movies. When the first three were released, tuning was everywhere. The brands saw a business opportunity there that continues to this day.

Types of tuning or tuning of a car

  • Audio: It consists of improving the car鈥檚 audio system, and is requested by people who are music fans. Now you can get direct from the car brand.
  • Performance: It consists of increasing the horsepower for better speed, it also consists of reducing the suspension to achieve greater firmness and, above all, stability in curves.
  • Aesthetic: It consists of the exterior modification of the automobile (paint, wood inserts, wheels, clothing, exhausts and other details that change the image of the vehicle).
  • However, tuning has its negative side, because it reduces the value of the car for being a matter of personalization, since it is difficult for a person to have the same tastes as you.

    Tuning that can reduce the value of your car

    suspension tuning

    Car brands strive to have a product that can work in any weather condition. But when performance begins to change, other aspects such as comfort, for example, are penalized. in the case of lowering the suspension, the car will be uncomfortable going over a bump as it will be lowerBesides that there will no longer be a series suspension.

    engine tuning

    Another case is the increase in horsepower, because it increases, the consumption of gasoline will also increase considerably; If before the gasoline lasted days, now it does not, it has more power but less fuel economy.

    In some countries, the increase in power or the simple modification of the engine does not provide any other type of documentation problems or formal 鈥榮egmentation鈥 of the car, but in others, the fact of touching the machine causes you to be in need of paying more insurance premiums.

    clothing tuning

    There are people who change the factory garments for ones made of exotic animal skins, such as the lizard; when it is resold, it is difficult for someone to buy it with that type of clothing, therefore, the car loses its value by becoming less attractive to people.

    wheel tuning

    The wheels is another great example; when you put on larger ones, there are fewer tires left on you. With this modification, the suspension will be firmer but when turning the wheels and cornering it can rub on hoppers; the car starts to vibrate, which means a normal but premature wear issue.

    In conclusion, tuning is unlikely to increase the value of your car. If you鈥檙e interested in customizing and retaining resale value, you may want to keep modifications to aesthetics.


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