The United States launches remote EMPLOYMENT for Latinos without studies with a salary of $26 per hour

The United States launches remote EMPLOYMENT for Latinos without studies with a salary of $26 per hour

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Of all the job vacancies in USAit is likely that the most sought-after are those that correspond to the remote work scheme. If you are also looking for lucrative opportunities with this premise, Afoording-Care Holdings’ offer is probably the most suitable: the company is looking for an ‘Appointment Coordinator’ who defines himself as passionate about customer service, and who is also willing to earn up to 25.39 dollars an hour, or 1,015.6 dollars a week (around 16,880 Mexican pesos.) Read the requirements next:

Requirements for remote work in the US that pays $26 an hour

This job in USAlook for someone crucial to making customers feel cared for and comfortable at all times, especially when it comes to managing their data and times. Broadly speaking, it is an excellent opportunity for those who have complete bilingual proficiency. Both Spanish and fluent English are key to succeeding in this role; However, it is also vital that the interested party meets the following requirements before apply via SimplyHired:

  • Previous experience in customer service or sales sectors is desirable
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to analyze appointment schedules, and based on that, make recommendations
  • An additional language to English and Spanish will also be considered an important advantage
  • No specific schooling is required
  • Since this is a remote job, it is requested that you not have any connection problems at home to guarantee good service.

Features of remote work in the US that pays $26 an hour

If you are successful in the interview and are hired in this remote workyour daily agenda will contain simple tasks, but key to making clients feel satisfied. For example, it is clear that you will manage their appointments from start to finish, that you will take their calls, that you will make additional sales if needed, and that you will collaborate with other team members so that the coordination of all the elements involved is completed successfully.

In addition to the $1,015.6 weekly payment, you will also get quoted extra benefits in this remote work. Just to name a few of the most tempting ones, your position will include dental insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, paid vacations, flexible hours, and morning shifts only. Of course: remember that it is a position that requires many talks, patience and determination are a plus that is not written, but is essential.

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