The US sentenced the leader of a network that laundered millions for the Sinaloa Cartel to 10 years in prison – La Opinión

The US sentenced the leader of a network that laundered millions for the Sinaloa Cartel to 10 years in prison – La Opinión


The US government continues to deliver accurate blows to the Sinaloa Cartelsince a few days ago he sentenced 7 members of the criminal organization who trafficked fentanyl, and now it affected part of its financial structure.

This, after a federal court in Mesa, Arizona, handed down a 10-year prison sentence against Luis Reinaldo Ramirezwho was accused of leading a criminal organization that laundered $16.5 million dollars for the Sinaloa Cartel derived from the sale of drugs.

His arrest and subsequent conviction occurred thanks to a two-year investigation carried out by the FBI and the DEA, in which, in addition, the seizure of more than $1.3 million dollars in illicit assets was achieved.

According to the plea agreement, Ramirez created a network of shell companies in Wyoming to launder illicit money on a large scale. In this way, the employees of these companies collected large sums of cash, delivered by drug traffickers in hotel rooms and parking lotsto then be laundered in various cities in the US and transferred to bank accounts in Mexico.

The investigation revealed that Chicago, Omaha, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Charlotte and Philadelphia were the cities where employees collected the most money.

The network was linked to “El Mayo”

In order to prove that the money was related to drug trafficking, FBI agents monitored the delivery of a significant amount of dollars in Chicago, which led to the location of a house where more than 173 kilos of methamphetamine, 10 kilograms, were found. of heroin and more than 93,000 dollars.

“The investigation resulted in the dismantling of the organization that laundered millions of dollars for the Sinaloa Cartel and the rescue of two victims of an extortion plot in February 2021,” can be read in a statement released by the Department of Justice.

After the investigation 12 people who were part of said criminal network were accusedand although some have already been sentenced, others are fugitives in Mexico.

One of them is Enrique Esparragoza Rosasoriginally from Culiacán, Sinaloa, and who has been linked to Ismael “El Mayo Zambada”who commands one of the factions of the Sinaloa Cartel.

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