The VAR endorsed the marking without cards by referee Fernando Hernández, in the penalty of the América goalkeeper – La Opinión

The VAR endorsed the marking without cards by referee Fernando Hernández, in the penalty of the América goalkeeper – La Opinión

On the eve of the final duel of the grand final between América vs. Blue Cross, the work of the whistler Fernando Hernández in the first leg game last Thursday, which ended with a score of 1-1, continues to generate controversy on social networks and in the media, which is why the Referees Commission, through the video and audios they published on their official X account , supported the central judge’s decision not to show a red card, nor yellow against goalkeeper Luis Malagón for a penalty against Uriel Antuna.

This action in different media has been considered a serious omission by referee Fernando Hernández, considering that the refereeing criteria of the whistlers in the MX League has been very variable. and that in many games the same standard does not exist to measure these plays.

In the face of criticism, The opinionhad access to a source within the Arbitration Commission who advanced the judgments that this Mexican soccer organization now officially publishes, in which at all times the work of the aforementioned whistler was considered impeccable.

In the data that was provided by this source worthy of all credit, they assured this publishing house that: “These actions of stepping on the opponent’s foot are considered reckless fouls (it entails physical damage, not necessarily serious, rule 12) Our criteria in these specific plays have been very clear. This action is a reckless trip, therefore, it does not amount to a stomp.”

And it was even pointed out to us in the small dialogue that: “Those who misinterpret are the analysts or you (journalism), with respect I tell you, the regulatory ignorance that exists in the medium, is “They blame the referee talking about disparity in criteria and that only generates this type of controversy.”

Forty-eight hours later, the Referees Commission, with the publication of the audios of this play, supports the version handled by the source consulted by our media and that leaves the whistler Fernando Hernández, with a notable performance in the first leg of the grand final of the Clausura 2024 tournament of the MX League.

Same criteria in the penalty not marked in favor of América

The VAR also endorsed the marking of Fernando Hernández in the 58th minute in which the América players demanded a penalty from the Argentine Carlos Rotondi on Henry Martín, with these audios they supported the judgment of the whistler when considering the contact as accidental and that it did not merit the marking of the maximum penalty.

Imago 1520234
Fernando “Curro” Hernández had an impeccable job according to the authorities of the Referees Commission. Photo: Diego Padilla/Imago7.

These audios were published 24 hours before those released this Saturday by the arbitration authorities.

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