The video game RWBY: Arrowfell reveals its release date

The video game RWBY: Arrowfell reveals its release date


The franchise of RWBYwill receive a new video game by the company Way Forward titled, RWBY: Arrowfell of Rooster Teethwhich will be available for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Y Steam for PCwhich will be released this November 15 in North America and Europe.

After this announcement, the company published the first trailer for the video game.

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The new game will feature the original voice cast of the franchise and for its part Dale North will be in charge of the score of the game together to Casey Lee-Williams as their vocalist.


The history of the video game takes place in volume 7 of RWBYbeing this RWBY: Arrowfell which is an original interactive chapter directly taken from the writers of RWBY Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna and Eddy Rivas.

In this game, players will use the team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna Y Yang Xiaolong) and will be able to switch between them as they go, either in single or multiplayer action (local or online) as the characters use their weapons and registered appearances to stop a mysterious threat that brings us this new 2D side-scrolling adventure.

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Over the course of the story, players will explore Atlas, Mantle and numerous environments where they will face Grimm’s Creatures and other enemies that appear directly from the program, as well as threats that have never been seen before.

In the game we will also meet familiar faces within the series, such as General Ironwood Y the Ace Operativesas well as boasting an intrepid new group of huntresses known by the name of Team BRIR.

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The game will be composed of seven minutes of exclusive scenes or broadcast-quality animated cutscenes, by the company is developing the game under the supervision of Rooster Teeth. So that WayForward and Arc System Works they will publish the game.

Other things that have been mentioned is that the characters of the franchise RWBY they had previously made their debut in the crossover fighting game BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle 2D also created by Arc System Works where these were listed as free DLC characters.

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RWBY is a series produced by Rooster Teeth Animation and premiered in June 2013. In addition, it was created and directed by Monty Oum until his death in 2015, before the premiere of its third season. The series has currently inspired multiple adaptations to manga, comics, novels, a spin-off animation and various types of products focused especially on the four protagonists of the story.

Rwby: Hyusetsu Teikoku

Synopsis for RWBY: Ice Queendom:

RWBY: Ice Queendom is set in a world teeming with hideous monsters bringing death and destruction, and humanity’s only hope lies with the mighty Hunters. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long are four Slayers-in-training whose journey takes them too far outside the confines of their school, Beacon Academy. While each may be powerful on their own, these four girls must battle enemy forces and work as a team if they truly hope to become Remnant’s next generation of protectors.

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