The whistler Fernando Hernández did an impeccable job for the Referees Commission – La Opinion

The whistler Fernando Hernández did an impeccable job for the Referees Commission – La Opinion

Faced with the controversy that the work has generated of the whistler Fernando Hernández In the first leg of the grand final between Cruz Azul and América that ended tied 1-1, from within the Referees Commission, there is a different appreciation approving the work of the Nazarene who was involved in two key actions in the final result of the match.

Versions provided by an official of the Commission itself, worthy of all credence, assured The opinionthat “the controversy is generated by television and media specialists, but we have a different appreciation of the work of Fernando Hernández, we consider that his work was impeccable.”

The point of view of the Referee Commission was shared by some former whistlers such as the international Marco Antonio Rodríguez, Eduardo Brizio and Roberto García, while other former Nazarenes such as Felipe Ramos Rizo and Francisco Chacón, who considered the work of the so-called “Curro” Hernández to be very deficient.

In analysis of the Arbitration Commission

The source consulted by this publishing house who requested anonymity stated that: “These actions of stepping on the opponent’s foot are considered reckless fouls.” (it entails physical damage, not necessarily serious, rule 12) our criteria in these specific plays have been very clear, so this action is a reckless trip, therefore, it does not amount to a stomp.”

In this sense, when adding aspects to his analysis, he said that for that reason the play did not require the support of the Video Review System (VAR), applauding the personality of Hernández to score one of these plays at the beginning of the match and where there was too much at stake.”

The same thing happened in the second half, when América considered the action in which the Argentine player from Cruz Azul Carlos Rotondi steps on Henry Martín, but the whistler considers the action accidental.

Imago 1520233
The foul by América goalkeeper Luis Malagón on Cruz Azul’s Uriel Antuna has divided opinions as to whether the Águilas goalkeeper deserved the red card Photo: Diego Padilla/Imago7.

For this reason, for the Referees Commission, the work of referee Fernando Hernández was impeccable and showed that he is ready for greater undertakings within the Liga MX, after in the Clausura 2023 tournament he was involved in an action with the Argentine striker. of León Lucas Romero, which cost him more than ten games of suspension.

Finally, on the issue of the death threats received by the father of whistler Marco Antonio Ortiz, appointed by the Referees Commission to dispense justice in the final duel between América vs. Cruz Azul, were taken very seriously, but they believe that this is not the first time that this type of warning has been received, which is why, They consider that everything is due to the controversy generated by the grand final.

The matter was considered sensitive, but without turning it over to the corresponding authorities because it was considered nothing more than simple threats.

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