The words that would have been the trigger for Joan Laporta to fire Xavi from FC Barcelona – La Opinión

The words that would have been the trigger for Joan Laporta to fire Xavi from FC Barcelona – La Opinión

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Xavi Hernández’s novel about his life and stay on the Barcelona Football Club bench It began on January 27, 2024 when the Catalan club was defeated 3 goals to 5 against Villarreal and announced that he would leave the team on June 30: “I think it will free the players and ease the general situation of the club. […] I was a solution two years and three months ago, but now, thinking with my heart and thinking about the club, for which I want the best, the best thing is that I leave it […] It is the feeling that the club is going to improve with our departure.”

Everything seemed to continue on that course, but after Barcelona’s failures in both LaLiga As in the Champions League where they were eliminated by Paris Saint Germain, Hernández’s departure seemed a fact, until it was ratified by the president himself Joan Laporta and Deco, the club’s sporting director. But recently and officially, Xavi has been fired by the club and everything seems to indicate that they were statements at a press conference that put the legend of the Blaugrana team in check.

The words that condemned Xavi

Laporta assured in April that the project was not finished at all and that it could still become a consolidated and constant winner, but this did not happen. But the final decision to dismiss Xavi was not strictly due to results on the field of play but rather due to the following statements to the media: “We are going to try to compete (with Madrid). The situation is difficult on an economic level, which has nothing to do with 25 years ago. Now we are not in the same conditions with clubs with better fair play. The fan should know. He does not mean that we do not try to achieve the objectives,” he stated first.

“The Barcelona fan must understand that the situation is very complicated to compete economically. It has nothing to do with what we had 25 years ago. The coach came and said ‘I want this one, this one and this one’. It doesn’t work like that anymore. I understand it and this is how we are going to adjust to it. That doesn’t mean we won’t compete. We need stability and time. There are good things to compete in,” added Xavi. Everything mentioned above by Hernández, the reality with which he had to live and work, apparently was not seen well behind closed doors at the culé club and would have triggered the blunt decision by the leadership at Barcelona so that Xavi would not continue at the club. command of the team.

Furthermore, an apparent lack of willingness to implement changes apparently did not help either. in his working method and the tension with the sports director of the Catalan club and former Barcelona player, Deco. Xavi will be directing his last game as Barcelona coach this Sunday against Sevilla.

What has happened in Barcelona in recent months is crazy

The real surprise was not Xavi’s decision in January to want to leave the club, but when On April 25, Joan Laporta and costumes. There has been unanimity in the Board of Directors to continue […] With Xavi, I always wanted him to continue from the first moment. He represents stability for the project, and this is one of the keys to success, without a doubt.” “To rectify is wise and I have no problem. It was never a matter of ego or money,” the former culé player followed.

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