The world exceeds the figure of 300 million coronavirus infections

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world.

The coronavirus continues to spread around the world.


The figure of contagions of covid-19 registered worldwide reached 300 million, a number that scientists believe could be much higher, due to the number of cases that are not reported.

According to the independent count carried out by Johns Hopkins University, with data collected from different official sources, the number of known infections of covid-19, a virus that became known just over two years ago, reached 300,338,680 on Friday.

The updated data of worldwide deaths from Johns Hopkins are 5,472,939, with the United States leading (833,988), followed by 619,654 deaths from Brazil, 483,178 from India, 307,488 from Russia and 299,970 from Mexico.

In terms of cases, the United States is the country with the highest incidence, with 57.7 million, followed by India with 31.1 million, Brazil with 22.3, the United Kingdom with 13.9, France with 11 and Russia with 10.4 million.

The first 100 million infections worldwide were reached at the end of January 2021, little more than a year after the disease was known, but that figure doubled in seven months, reaching 200 million at the beginning of last August.

The five months since then to reach 300 million cases give an idea of ​​the progression of the disease, despite the vaccination campaigns launched during the past year in most of the world, whose success and reach has been very unequal in both rich countries and the developing world.

At a fast pace

However, the rate of cases has accelerated in many countries in the last month due to the appearance of the variant Ómicron, which is much more contagious, although less lethal, than previous covid-19 mutations.

Regarding the higher incidence of deaths in relation to the number of cases, the data of the scientists mention as countries hardest hit Yemen (19.6%), Peru (8.8%), Mexico (7.4%), Sudan (7.1%) and Ecuador (6.1%).

Johns Hopkins University data code at 9.345 million doses of vaccines already administered worldwide, with the United Arab Emirates topping the list with 93.43% of its population fully vaccinated, followed by countries such as Portugal, Chile, China, Cuba, Singapore, Cambodia, Spain and Malaysia with 80% or more vaccinated.

Most of the group of the least vaccinated, below 10% of the population, in addition to countries such as Afghanistan or Syria, is made up mostly of poor African nations, such as Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Gabon, Ghana, the Central African Republic, Zambia, Senegal, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Niger, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Sudan, Cameroon or Tanzania.

The report of the incidence of covid-19 infections, although imperfect, has been followed by national authorities to adopt containment and response measures to the virus, as well as by the population when planning trips to other places.

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