The Z40 murdered his mother-in-law with a lethal injection of botox in the armpit: Lieutenant of Los Zetas


Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, better known by his alias Z40 and for leading the Los Zetas Mexican cartel, tortured and murdered his mother-in-law with a lethal injection of botox in the armpit, as narrated by one of his lieutenants during a hearing in a federal court in Plano, in which he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Z40 was considered one of the most violent and bloodthirsty drug traffickers, in addition, he had no mercy when it came to punishing his enemies, regardless of whether they were members of his own family, as confirmed by the narration that Hugo César Roman Chavarría, aka the Neighbor, made the American authorities.

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Thus he killed his wife’s mother

Román Chavarría explained that another narco identified as José María Guizar Valencia confessed that he saw Treviño Morales kill his mother-in-law with an overdose of botulinum toxin, which caused him a massive heart attack. The Z40 arranged for a coroner to declare that another had been the cause of his death. Treviño Morales He also convinced his wife that elements of the Federal police they had killed their mother.

Hugo César Román was sentenced to life imprisonment for his ties to Los Zetas, a cartel characterized by murdering innocent civilians to instill fear among the population and rival gangs. Journalistic investigations in the United States indicated that the Z40 used to bite the hearts of its victims, since it believed that this would make it invincible, it was also said that it cooked them.

Los Zetas controlled drug trafficking from Central America to the United States, according to reports from the Justice Department.

According to Mexican media and US security specialists, said criminal organization was formed by former elite elements of the army who began their criminal activity as an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, in the state of Tamaulipas, north of Mexico.

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