These would be the messages that Cazzu found from Nodal and Belinda that caused the end of their relationship

These would be the messages that Cazzu found from Nodal and Belinda that caused the end of their relationship


On May 23, Christian Nodal He surprised the entertainment world by revealing his separation from the Argentine singer cazzu; This, despite the fact that they debuted as parents just eight months ago. To the dismay of most of his followers, many wonder if Belinda still remains in the mind of the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle;’ and although for some it is crazy, it seems that ‘Beli’ was the third in contention on this occasion.

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Christian Nodal did not forget Belinda, despite the daughter he had with Cazzu

According to the Argentine journalist Maximiliano Lumbiasources very close to cazzu already Christian Nodalthey revealed a recent infidelity of the singer. Through her YouTube channel, Lumbia said that an ‘oversight’ by cazzu was enough for Nodal to falter, although he did not specify that Belinda was involved: “In some tour in which he (Nodal) went out, and she (Cazzu,) for some reason did not accompany him, there is talk of infidelities.”

However, the name of ‘Belinda‘ emerged within the framework of the program ‘Dulce y Picosito,’ where journalist Flor Rubio revealed that Christian Nodal He would have sent messages to Beli very recently: «They say that she (cazzu) would find out that they (Belinda and Nodal) had been chatting privately. Obviously she didn’t like that, and that’s why she was so angry. I’m not saying that they have been talking romantically, but no girlfriend likes her boyfriend to talk to her ex.

Although the host said that this theory was not confirmed, the idea of ​​the messages between Belinda and Christian Nodal increased when cazzu launched a powerful hint through the social network new topics; which, of course; They are already expected by her fans:

It is worth mentioning that the rumors of a new rapprochement between Belinda and Nodal, started when she released the single ‘Cactus’ last February. The song, according to fans, is full of hints for Nodal: it talks about her jealousy, about some verbal attacks and about some promises that were never kept. Thus, under this premise, Christian Nodal He would have thrown a couple of hints at ‘Beli,’ but also, it is said that he sought her out to apologize.

Delving into this fact, just a few days ago Christian Nodal He gave an interview for the program ‘Aqui y Ahora,’ and there he not only talked about his new stage as a dad, but also about how ‘hurt he was’ after his long breakup with Belinda. According to the Mexican singer, his romance with ‘Beli’ was full of toxicity and harmful patterns that he was not willing to repeat. Apparently, this wish was granted to the extent that he is now completely single.

Photo: Instagram via @belindapop
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