They announced the first eliminated from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’, Telemundo’s reality show – El Diario NY

They announced the first eliminated from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’, Telemundo’s reality show – El Diario NY

Top Chef VIP 2

After an intense gastronomic battle, this Monday they chose the first eliminated from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’. This moment marks the beginning of the competition, since every Monday one of them will leave and thus abandon their race for the $200,000 dollars that they will give to the winner.

The first chosen to leave the competition was the experienced actress Daniela Castro.

Initially they had a salvation duel that was won by the young Ivanna Jiménez, who overcame a challenge in which they had to prepare a dish inspired by her zodiac sign. Then, they imposed another challenge on those who did not perform the best.

They were: Gary Centeno, Alicia Machado, Polo Morín, Daniela Castro, Diana Reyes, Danka Castro and Mariana Botas.

These participants were given various ingredients, including pork chops, asparagus, sweet potato, among others.

The first to stay from the group that faced each other were Gary, Alicia Machado and Danka.

“No one wants to be the first eliminated, but we have to tell them,” said Toño de Livier, one of the judges of the program hosted by Colombian Carmen Villalobos.

For her part, the artist said: “Today one of you leaves the ‘Top Chef VIP’ kitchen forever.”

Daniela Castro was eliminated from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’

When they shared the news, there was a lot of tension among the celebrities, who were shocked by this first outing.

Even Carmen Villalobos cried with this first elimination, due to the admiration she feels for the actress.

“I never imagined that I would be the first eliminated. It hurts, but nothing happens, like it or not, I’m eliminated,” she commented in front of the cameras before picking up her knives and leaving.

In his farewell message, he also commented: “Dear chefs, it has been a pleasure meeting you. I thank them for everything, the good, the bad, their advice, and no way, I had to lose.”

Her daughter Danka cried intensely and said that she did not want to beat her mother, due to the beautiful relationship they have forged, but, despite feeling so bad, she promised to do her best to continue in the game and, above all, stand out.

The elimination of Daniela Castro makes the contestants take the program more seriously and thus avoid becoming the next to leave.

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