They ask for the expulsion of Luis Ángel Malagón for his attack on Uriel Antuna – La Opinión

They ask for the expulsion of Luis Ángel Malagón for his attack on Uriel Antuna – La Opinión

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The first match of the Clausura 2024 final took place in the Ciudad de los Deportes Stadium. The duel between Cruz Azul and Club América were very even and finished 1-1. However, he was not immune to controversy.

In the first six minutes of the game, a dangerous play was generated for the locals. Uriel Antuna’s speed was felt until he reached the area defended by Luis Ángel Malagón with an advantage.

The Águilas del América goalkeeper recklessly went out to the crossroads and He awarded a penalty to La Maquina. This penalty was later converted into a goal by Uriel Antuna himself.

They asked for the expulsion of Malagón

However, on social networks they consider that this play should have been sanctioned with the expulsion of the Águilas del América goalkeeper due to the severity of the hit on the Mexican national team forward.

Among the people who demanded a major punishment for Malagón is former referee Felipe Ramos Rizo. On a couple of occasions Rizo used his social networks to explain that the blue-cream archer should have been sent to the showers.

However, two other figures from the football regulations quickly came out to contradict Felipe Ramos Rizo’s perception. Marco Antonio Rodríguez agreed with the decision made by Fernando Hernández.

Similarly, another whistler who also agreed with Fernando Hernández’s decision was Francisco Chacon. The judge considers that the aim is simply to generate controversy about a move that, in his opinion, has no controversy.

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