They assure that Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro are even disputing the furniture that belonged to Fernando del Solar

They assure that Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro are even disputing the furniture that belonged to Fernando del Solar


last june The death of the presenter and actor Fernando del Solar was confirmed and since then a battle has started between Ingrid Coronado Y Anna Ferrowho will now face trial in court.

Ferro was the current partner of the late actor and presenter, so he has kept several of his belongings; However, all this is requested by Coronado, who was Del Solar’s first wife and with whom she had two children.

The Argentine-Mexican presenter and Ferro were married in March of this year. According to the program ‘Gossip No Like’, the couple lived together in an exclusive residential complex in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata, CuernavacaMorelos state, Mexico.

According to Rodrigo Cachero, a great friend of the actor, Ferro took out all the furniture that was in that apartment from the state of Morelos, although Coronado wanted to speak with her to reach an agreement.

some media They have noted that Del Solar’s inheritance is largely from what his wife was at the time of his death and that he only left his two children, Paolo and Luciano, an apartment in the Del Valle neighborhood.

The problem with the Cuernavaca apartment is that it was bought by the actor and his first wife through a trustso really the property continues to belong to Coronado and that has caused Ferro to move from the place.

What Ferro should not have done was take all the furniture and other objects inside the house, so now he will have to face a court.

In an interview for the ‘Ventaneando’ program, Coronado said: “That department is in a trust. The apartment belonged to both of them, but since it was in a trust and one of the people in the trust was missing, it is for the other person. He has been living there for the last eight years and, currently, his widow lives illegally in the apartment. I had not wanted to make any movement because I was, in some way, going through a process, I did not have the energy to initiate a process, nor the desire to initiate a trial.

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