They call Ingrid Coronado insensitive during a tribute to say goodbye to Verónica Toussaint

They call Ingrid Coronado insensitive during a tribute to say goodbye to Verónica Toussaint


The sad news of the death by Veronica Toussaint continues to cause a lot of shock and sadness since it was announced that he lost his life at the age of 48 last Thursday, May 16, after a long fight against breast cancerwhich was detected since 2021 and until now she continued to face until her last days that she spent hospitalized, for which she received well-deserved tributes.

One of them was performed on the television program ““The Sun comes out” from Imagen TV, where many of his friends and colleagues from the channel gathered to say a last goodbye and remember her for her great talent, but above all for the enormous charisma that characterized her so much during her career.

Let us remember that recently this morning program entered a new stage where one of the hosts is now Ingrid Coronadowho has been in the public eye in recent days and is once again giving a lot to talk about now due to the death of Toussaint.

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They explode in networks against Ingrid Coronado after showing little seriousness about the death of Toussaint

While they were paying tribute to the former host of “Qué chulada”, many viewers and Internet users began to criticize Coronado on social networks for his attitude and behavior while the rest of those present showed their condolences and shock for the terrible loss.

Many began to point out that Ingrid did not show seriousness which was expected, because while most of her colleagues were very sad, she was smiling when the host Luz María Zetina dedicated a few words to her dear friend: “this loss is irreparable.”

Those who were also present at the program were Paola Rojas, Eduardo Videgaray and José Ramón “El Estaca”since they were very close to the deceased driver and while they looked quite sad and moved, the former Garibaldi did not stop smiling, so many assured that she only showed little empathy for the tragic events.


Through social networks, she was highly criticized for this action, because while her colleagues were grieving, she seemed more indifferent to the fateful news that, to this day, continues to sadden all those who followed Verónica Toussaint with much affection and love.

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