They call James Rodríguez a hero for “saving the life” of his rival in the middle of the game

James Rodriguez

The Colombian forward James Rodriguez is treated like a hero in the Qatari league after will “save the life” of a rival who vanished for a heart attack in the middle of the game of Al-Rayyn and Al-Wakrah.

According to local media, James’ performance was essential for save the life of African footballer Ousmane Coulibaly, who ended up feeling revived and later stabilized by paramedics.

Al-Wakrah’s physician, Mukhtar Sabaan, assured that the Colombian was the one who best acted in the situation, highlighting the haste he had to assist his rival, who was lying on the lawn of the stadium.

“He took the important step of adjust Ousmane Coulibaly’s head position right after he collapsed, so he could breathe properly, “said the doctor.

Rodrígue was one of the first players to approach Coulibaly in the midst of the event. He aligned the player’s head and with that made it easier for the medical staff to act.

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