They cancel the award ceremony for Eleazar G贸mez for his violent past against women

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This Friday, March 18, the actor eleazar gomez was announced to receive a tribute to his artistic career; However, the event was canceled hours earlier due to his violent past against women.

The actor Eleazar G贸mez continues to pay the price of the scandal he starred in in November 2020 when he was taken to prison for physically assaulting what was then his sentimental partner, the model and singer of Peruvian origin Tefi Valenzuela, whom he brutally beat. After being arrested by the Mexican authorities, as an actor he faced a long legal process for which he had to spend nearly five months in a prison in Mexico City.

And although in recent months he has been repentant and has even decided to resume his career as a singer with the release of an album called Desde Cero, he was again rejected by the organizers of an event that had been scheduled for this Friday.

And it is that, the actor was announced to receive the Luminaria Prize awarded by the Galer铆as Plaza de las Estrellas Shopping Center located in Mexico City, but due to complaints received through social networks where some users spoke out against after they gave recognition to a violent man with women, the administration decided to cancel the event.

The announcement was made through the organizers鈥 Instagram page, where they explained what happened.

鈥淎t Galer铆as Plaza de las Estrellas we are in favor of the rights and non-violence against women, which is why the event scheduled for today, March 18, 2022, where Mr. Eleazar G贸mez would appear, has been canceled鈥, reads the message.

Likewise, they apologized to all those people who could feel offended by such an invitation.

After the announcement, the publication again divided opinions, because while some users applauded the decision to cancel the event, some more assured that it was an act of discrimination against the actor.

鈥淚f Eleazar has already gone through his legal process, of which we may or may not like the resolution, but now he is free because he allows this act of discrimination鈥, 鈥淭errible decision鈥, 鈥淲ith this action are taking part in the public lynchings鈥, is read in some comments.

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