They claim that Billy Joel has bought a mansion in East Hampton – El Diario NY

They claim that Billy Joel has bought a mansion in East Hampton – El Diario NY


The renowned singer, pianist and composer Billy Joel continues to invest in his real estate portfolio. It has been reported that recently paid $10.7 million for a property in East HamptonNY.

A source close to Billy Joel told the New York Post that “there has been a lot of activity on the property.”fence construction, landscaping, many vehicles“. He also explains that the residence is located on a closed street in East Hampton.

At the moment the reason why the 75-year-old musician has invested in a new residence is unknown, since it must be remembered that Last year he put a house on Long Island up for sale which has belonged to him since 2002.

The truth is that the new acquisition reassures the musician’s fans, who were worried when the pianist put his other residence up for sale. Even He had to clarify during a concert at the end of 2023 that he would not leave Long Island and clarified that he had more properties in the area.

At the moment there are not many details about Billy Joel’s new residence. The records to which ‘New York Post’ had access report that The property occupies a five acre lot. The site includes a horse farm, extensive green areas, a swimming pool and a lily pond.

It is not known exactly what the extent of the main house is, but it can be assumed that it is distributed in several bedrooms, bathrooms, hall, living room, main room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and other amenities. For the moments There is no access to photos that show the new house in detail..

Another great feature that this residence has is its location, which is already well known by the musician and which is shared with other personalities such as Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris.

It must also be remembered that for several months the actor Alec Baldwin has tried to sell his large mansion in the Hamptons.

On the other hand, Billy Joel is trying to sell a mansion in Manalapan, Floridaand the lack of interested parties has caused its price to be lowered to $49.9 million dollars.

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