They claim that Verónica Toussaint already sensed her death after publishing a revealing PHOTO

They claim that Verónica Toussaint already sensed her death after publishing a revealing PHOTO


The news of the death of Veronica Toussaint It has been a great surprise and a bitter pill for many, since she was undoubtedly one of the most beloved hosts on television and left a great mark with her characteristic humor and joy that she always transmitted to us even in her most difficult moments, such as when she was already in the midst of a battle against cancer that ended his life.

Let us remember that the 48-year-old actress was diagnosed with breast cancer for three and a half years, so it was in 2021 when he announced this unfortunate news, for which he underwent treatments and chemotherapy, as well as surgery.

The terrible illness became complicated in recent days, for which she was hospitalized, although she did not want this to be known until the sad news of her death was announced. deathIt is even said that not even her own family was aware that she was feeling so bad.

IG @veronicatouss

Verónica Toussaint sensed her death in this way

After the news of his death was announced, more details have emerged about his life and how he battled the disease. One of them is that there is a publication on his Instagram account that is attracting a lot of attention, since it could be a feeling about his own death.

It was last April 14 when the famous woman shared the photograph of a butterfly black woman posing on her arm in the middle of the bracelets she was wearing, but that was not the only thing that caught attention, but also the message she decided to write to accompany the image.

IG @veronicatouss

“Ya mere” wrote Toussaint in the disturbing photograph.

This has caught the attention of many of Verónica’s followers because butterflies of this color are often related to the deathaccording to some beliefs, so Internet users claimed that she already knew she would die or until “she was warning.”

“That feeling of knowing that your moment is about to come and transcend, fulfill the cycle of life, fly high beautiful, your step has been wonderful”, “It would seem that with this post you were warning”, “Here you already knew”, “Your soul already knew it, she was already prepared and at peace, that’s why she posted this beautiful image, Back high beautiful Warrior,” some Internet users wrote.

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