They claim that William’s alleged lover made fun of Kate Middleton by dressing like her

They claim that William’s alleged lover made fun of Kate Middleton by dressing like her


After what Kate Middleton announced his terrible medical diagnosis, there has been much speculation about a replacement in case his illness progresses and even more so given the rumors of infidelity that have been a topic of conversation for years. Now that the princess is inactive from her royal dutiesRose Hanbury, Prince William’s alleged lover, has been closer to the British family and has even been seen happy sharing time with Queen Camilla and the king during different events.

Because Kate Middleton He has to rest, he has been away from public life for a couple of months, he announced it through a video. At the moment she stays closer to her children while at the same time she is under the care of her medical team and she follows a rigorous treatment to eradicate the cancer cells from her body so that she can recover. her life as she was before. Although she is expected to improve, she is also assured that King Charles III would be looking for someone to cover the duties of her daughter-in-law during her absence.

Although King Charles III also went away for several weeks at the beginning of the year to improve his health, a couple of weeks ago he resumed his schedule and has remained more active. Last week, he and the queen consort attended the closing of the Badminton Horse Trials event, during which they were seen happy and complicit with each other. However, his presence was not the one that attracted the most attention of those present, but during his stay he also accompanied them Rose Hanbury, who in recent years has ensured that he maintains more than a friendship with the heir to the crown.

The meeting between Rose Hanbury and Queen Camilla

Yes ok, Rose Hanburand Queen Camilla did not attend the Badminton Horse Trials together, they had a small intimate meeting and were even photographed while they were talking. Let us remember that the Marchioness maintains a friendly relationship with her family, as well as with Prince William, with whom she has been romantically linked since 2019, although she herself denied the rumors some time later.

During the event, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley was seen wearing a sober black outfit so as not to attract the attention of those present; However, it was not. Netizens examined her entire look and found that she once again copied her clothes. Kate Middleton by wearing the same black hat that she had worn months before. This is not the first time she has done it, so it was considered a mockery for the princess, who has not been able to be seen in public.

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