They criticize Shakira for not speaking Spanish: “What a lack of respect for the Latino community”

They criticize Shakira for not speaking Spanish: “What a lack of respect for the Latino community”

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Shakira sent a heartfelt message to all those who celebrate “Thanksgiving”, However, her words were not well received, on the Instagram page of the Telemundo morning show, “Hoy Día”, the Colombian received various messages and one of them reads as follows: “She no longer speaks Spanish, that is, what a lack of respect for the Latino community and her Colombian fans.”

The public with their comments try to make Shakira see that she has an audience that celebrates these dates, but since she speaks in Spanish, for this reason they reproach her for her unique words in English: “Because she only speaks English, if she has an audience that speaks Spanish, which is the majority.”

The messages in this line did not stop and for this reason they continue to tell him over and over again: “You must publish it in the Spanish language. You are Latina”. But, note that many others also came out in defense of Shakira, explaining that her message was not directed at the Latino community, saying: “To those who complain that you speak English, the message is for Americans, not Latinos.”

The interpreter’s detractors have also recalled that before preferring English, Shakira had already generated controversy over the accent with which she speaks, noting that despite being Colombian, her native accent has been lost for years: “From Colombian to Argentine, from Argentine to Spanish, from Spanish to gringa. 🙄🙄🤭 Shak be you, don’t change for situations or anyone. Speak your coastal accent, how cool it is.”

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