They denounce poor organization at the Harry Styles concert in Colombia

They denounce poor organization at the Harry Styles concert in Colombia

Harry Styles was presented this November 27 in Bogotá, Colombia.

Harry Styles was presented this November 27 in Bogotá, Colombia.

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Last Sunday November 27 The long-awaited Harry Styles concert was held in Bogotá, Colombiawho is traveling throughout Latin America with his tour ‘Love on Tour’.

Initially, the production company Ocesa, in charge of the ‘Love on Tour’ in Colombia, said that the concert would take place in Parque Salitre Mágico; nevertheless on November 2 it was announced that the event was going to be moved to the Colosseum Live.

It’s known that fans began arriving at the location at midnight on November 27the goal was to be among the first 3,000 who would be very close to the British star.

After the mess at the entrance many achieved their goals but when the concert began, many of the attendees began to faint because, according to some journalists who were able to attend, there was no ventilation system.

Venezuelan journalist Dulce María Ramos, residing in Bogotá, said: “Harry Styles’ concert in Bogotá was about to be cancelled, not only because of the number of fainted in the area of ​​the stalls, the ventilation system of Colosseum Live failedconfirmed by one of the logistics managers. Coliseo Live as a venue still has to improve”.

The amount of fainting during the concert meant that the same singer had to stop the presentation for a while.

Harry Styles, who became famous for being part of the British band One Direction, at one point he invited everyone in the place to be silent and also asked that all the lights be turned on in the public area.

He then said: “I am very excited to be here, today is going to be a great show. But the most important thing is that we are all safe. There are many people here, it is hot”. He gave instructions so that, from behind and very slowly, they began to move.

He also warned: “If for some reason this is not safe, we will not be able to finish the show.”

The newspaper ‘El Tiempo’ shared the official report issued by the entities that were in charge of the health service during the concert: Multiple Service & Supplies, Multiple SAS and Medikplus IPS. They say they treated a total of 279 patients and they assure that the majority of those treated suffered anxiety attacks, hyperventilation and headache.

Apparently the 279 patients were treated in the same place, only one case had to be transferred due to presenting tachycardia.

The medical team for this concert was made up of 48 brigade members, six nurses, three doctors and three ambulances.

What is the Colosseum Live where Harry Styles performed?

The Colosseum Live It is a multipurpose venue with the capacity to receive up to 24,000 spectators.. It is located in the rural area of ​​Cota, Cundinamarca, west of Bogotá.

Concerts, volleyball matches, tennis matches, and other sporting and entertainment events can be held at this venue.

This place is quite new and that is why it still has several flaws that, apparently, the event producers are not taking into account.

The Colosseum Live opened its doors on August 12, 2022 and it is said that $100 million dollars were invested in its construction.

For the day of its inauguration did a concert of Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony and from that moment the space gave us something to talk about due to negative situations. The chaos at that concert had to do with vehicular traffic.

Other stars have performed in this same venue, such as Daddy Yankee, Arctic Monkeys, Ana Gabriel, Ricardo Arjona and Christian Nodal.

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