They destroy Sebastián Cáceres for almost injuring Diego Valdés with a brutal kick in Uruguay vs. Chili

Diego Valdes.

Diego Valdes.

Photo: Gastón Britos / EFE

The center of the Eagles of America, sebastian caceres, has become the number one goal of fans on social networks. The reason? A brutal kick that he gave to Diego Valdes during Friday night’s match between Uruguay and Chili by Conmebol South American Qualifiers.

With the match 2-0 in favor of the locals and despite being teammates in the America, Caceres He put all that aside and brought out the characteristic ‘Garra Charrúa’ in the 48th minute when he swept near his area and kicked his studs at ankle height.

Valdes He fell collapsed with noticeable gestures of pain and for a moment all eyes rested on him. Centennial Stadium. The Chilean was able to recover, but images of the action began to spread like wildfire on the various social media platforms.

The fans of America They publicly showed their displeasure x (previously Twitter) and described the defender’s action as imprudent and reckless, considering that he is a teammate with whom he disputes side by side the 2023 Apertura Tournament of the MX League.

Valdes, who renewed his bond with the Coapa team until 2026, received countless expressions of support. Quite the opposite of sebastian cacereswhich was destroyed with strong criticism. “How are you going to sweep Diego Valdés like that? Don’t be pend*** Sebastián Cáceres”; “Sebastián Cáceres, I don’t know how the Uruguayan team continues to summon that firecracker and the worst thing is that it almost fractured Valdés”; “Sebastián Cáceres vs. Diego Valdés, making it clear that there are no friends on the pitch”.

“Someone explain to me why you ignore your teammate like this, knowing how things are, what a shame with Sebastián Cáceres”; “America’s worst enemy is Sebastián Cáceres”; “Sebastián Cáceres injuring Diego Valdés, you are incredible”were some of the reactions to the play.

In the end, the midfielder was able to emerge unscathed from the merciless kick, but his team got off to a bad start on the route facing the 2026 World Cup. The Chileans could not face a Uruguay very well worked by Marcelo Bielsa and that ended up imposing conditions to win the match 3-1.

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