They detail the time when Verónica Toussaint died and the days she had been hospitalized

They detail the time when Verónica Toussaint died and the days she had been hospitalized


He death of Verónica Toussaint continues to cause a lot of pain and shock, after the terrible news about his death last Thursday, May 16 as a result of the breast cancer that he suffered and that it was detected since 2021 and that although he underwent treatments and 200 chemotherapies, on this occasion he no longer wanted to continue with it.

This was how the journalist, Ana María Alvarado, revealed it, who declared that the actress had been feeling very bad for a month, because on this occasion she no longer wanted to undergo surgery. chemotherapies because he knew that his body could no longer take it, so he preferred to enjoy his last days to the fullest.

This would have been the reason why the host would have left the “Qué Chulada!” program, because she wanted more time to enjoy with her loved ones and took the opportunity to go on vacation. But after her death, it became known that in the last few days she was hospitalized.

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More details emerge about the death of Verónica Toussaint

Now, more details have been released about her last days, as well as Verónica’s death on the “Windowing” where they said goodbye to the comedian and took the opportunity to talk a little more about what happened, since it was the third time she had suffered from cancer.

It was Linet Puente who was in charge of reporting that on this occasion, the famous woman would have been much more discreet in her battle, because she was not feeling well at all, which caused her to end up in the hospital and die there, so the drivers from “Ventaneando” They announced the time he lost his life.

“It was the third time she had relapsed, on this last occasion she had preferred to keep it discreet and not make it public, because she was having a pretty bad time. She had already been hospitalized for several days because she was already asking for the last moments of her life, unfortunately she could not fight this battle and she died yesterday at approximately 7:30 at night,” Linet indicated.

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Likewise, Puente shared that last November she went with Toussaint to an event to collect an award, but the communications specialist was only there for a short time due to her state of health, since “she was not having a good time.”

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