They estimate that Shohei Ohtani costs around $790 million dollars

They estimate that Shohei Ohtani costs around $790 million dollars

The player hopes to have several offers in the future

The player hopes to have several offers in the future

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shohei ohtani He has become one of the best players in the Big leagues, because of the great way he shoots and the big numbers he always puts up on offense. At the end of this campaign, the Asian player will become a free agent and the analyst for ESPNBradford Doolittle claims that Shohei Ohtani could get a contract close to $790 million dollars

Los Angeles Angels top star He was sought by various organizations for the trade deadline, but the team that lives in the state of California decided not to trade him because they wanted to finish fighting the division this season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the teams that is preparing a very big offer for Ohtani, but you have to see what players from the white and blue team end up leaving when the 2023 campaign ends.

The New York Yankees They are another of the teams that can bid hard for the Asian, because with the season they are having to forget they will have to go for important players in free agency.

The New York Mets It is another of the institutions that has a good amount of money to offer, but it seems difficult for them to decide to go for Shohei Ohtani, since this season they decided to leave all their stars and bet on young players from the organization.

We will have to see what decision they make the angels Regarding renewing the Japanese player, because signing a player with these characteristics can be very expensive for a team that doesn’t fight every season.

Lifetime Major League Baseball Pitching Statistics

Shohei Ohtani since he joined the Major Leagues there was a lot of uncertainty if he could be that excellent pitcher that he was in the Japanese Baseball League. But he has shown that he can be a top-level pitcher.

In five seasons with the Angels, he has won a total of 38 games, lost 19 times, struck out 606 total, walked 172 total, allowed 169 earned runs total, and has a 1.08 WHIP. .

Lifetime statistics as a hitter in the Major Leagues

As a hitter in the Big Top, shohei ohtani He has set many records and has surprised all baseball fans with his excellent performance.

For life, in the Big Tent he has a total of 664 hits, 168 homers, 426 RBIs, .918 OPS, .555 SLG and .273 Batting Average.

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